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Continuous development

From 1982 to the present day, OASIS has continued to develop – providing all the accounting functions needed by schools:

Fees Ledger – the most comprehensive and flexible available, Nominal Ledger – with comprehensive reporting and on-line access, Purchase Ledger with commitments from Purchase Ordering module -and emailable remittance advices, Payroll and HR – with everything needed for dealing with Teachers’ Pensions, Asset Register, Sales Ledger and School Shop – integrated with your pupil database.

1982 – Birth of OASIS

1993 – First accounting system to run on Windows

1996 – Program updates made available via Internet

1998 – School Shop module available

2000 – Budget Holders can access their spending details anywhere and at any time, using the Internet

2000- Parents can access their Fees Ledger details anywhere and at any time, using the Internet

2003 – EMailing supplier remittance advices and Emailing parents details of fees ledger

2006 – Full Deposit tracking built into Fees Ledger

2007 – OASIS Synch released , providing automatic synchronisation to other pupil databases

2009 – OASIS Synch – Payroll/HR version

2011 – Parent Pay portal implementation – allowing parents to pay on line, integrating automatically with OASIS accounting system.

2012 – Full implementation of new TPS requirements regarding tiered pension contributions – automatically calculating contributions – including for part-timers.

2013 – Parent Pay Portal linked to ‘Live Register’ allowing parents to ‘top up’ pupil lunch credits on-line