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Training is supplied at your school by professionals who are well versed in all standard Windows packages as well as our own. The full-time trainers are well used to guiding people of a wide range of abilities through Windows and the use of the OASIS modules.

The trainers are also able to provide schools with training in the use of Microsoft Office and a wide variety of other software. In addition, the User Group provides free training courses to the members throughout the year.

Training is provided at your school, using your data.

Regular¬† on-line ‘remote’ group training sessions are also held, allowing users to participate from the comfort of the users’ own office.

Training videos integrated directly into the OASIS software are also available.

Training Schedule –¬† 2024

February 19th – AM Oasis – Fees Ledger OneView
February 23rd – AM Oasis – Fees Ledger Direct Debits
March 1st – AM Oasis – Management Reports
To be arranged Oasis – Management Reports – Part 2
To be arranged Oasis – Emailing fees statements
To be arranged Oasis – Bank rec and statements
To be arranged Oasis and Word mailmerge