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synchWhat is it?

OASIS-Synch enables you to synchronise the OASIS Fees Ledger and Pupil and Address database with other administration software you may be using, via a ‘live’ link. It also allows you to synchronise the OASIS Payroll/HR database with other Payroll/HR systems ensuring you have a completely integrated M.I.S., regardless of the software preferences of different departments.

Currently supplied free with the fees Accounting module and with the Payroll/HR module.

Why it works well

Synch was designed from the outset to allow for easy integration with any administration software used by schools.

Synch has been implemented with a wide range of different admin systems, so you can be confident that we will be able to provide you with a completely integrated MIS.


Key Benefits

  • Ensures you always have the current addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and any other useful data needed by the bursary
  • Ensures you do not need to duplicate the entry of key data for addresses and pupils
  • Ensures you are able to continue using Oasis and an integrated MIS even if the main admin system is changed


  • Main Features:
  • Fields to be synchronised can be defined by the user.
  • Synchronisation may be run ad-hoc, continuously, or can be scheduled
  • All amendments and additions to the OASIS database are logged
  • OASIS database defaults can be specified for new pupils,parents or employees where no equivalent fields exist in the other system.
  • No user intervention required. No export or import procedures needed.
  • Synchronisation of prospective pupils is available so Oasis can produce invoices before the new pupils actually join.