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The origins of Oasis go back to 1982 when a system was designed and developed for Harrow School. In 1990 it was decided to redesign and re-launch the system. The objective was to provide the school bursary with the most functional software available – but with the flexibility to change easily as circumstances dictate. The new system was named OASIS.

As a company OASIS only provides software for schools and all our software is written specifically to answer the needs of school bursaries.  There are no adaptations of standard accounting systems so all our programs work in the best possible way for schools.  We write, maintain and support all our own programs providing our users with rapid responses and effective support.

OASIS was launched in 1993 and has always been innovative – the first schools accounting system for Windows PCs and the first with web-based budget reports and web-based software updates.  Recognising that our strengths lie in bursary and accounting software prompted us to incorporate links to, and integration with, specialist products in other areas. OASIS unique synchronisation module allows schools to continue using the Pupil Admin system of their choice whilst providing a seamless MIS, even if you decide to change your Admin system OASIS will simply synchronise with the new system.  

OASIS was designed and developed with the following principles in mind:-

  • OASIS concentrates on what we are good at – school accounting systems
  • OASIS is fully functional for the needs of a modern bursary
  • OASIS can provide a wide variety of reports – especially suited for schools and academies
  • OASIS is easy to use and is fully auditable
  • OASIS allows the user great flexibility in output formats for report, invoices, payslips and remittance advices
  • OASIS easily communicates with other software packages including MS Office
  • OASIS makes full use of the web and email whenever possible
  • OASIS should be able to provide suitable pupil administration facilities, and provide links to any other admin systems of the school’s choice
  • OASIS can evolve easily to meet the many varied needs of the schools, using input from the members of the User Group
  • OASIS support will always be timely and effective
  • Will run on a single PC, your network or in the Cloud!