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Payroll and Human Resources

What is it?

OASIS Payroll is a Payroll and HR module designed not just to run the payroll each week or month but to cope with the specifics of employing school staff.  Automatic links to OASIS Nominal Ledger ensure your accounts are correct on your largest spending area.

Why it works well

Because OASIS Payroll has been exclusively designed for schools it deals with all the requirements of Teachers Pensions and Inspections as well as providing a flexible, easy to use payroll which caters for all statutory requirements including Auto-enrolment.

Key Benefits

  • Satisfies Teachers Pensions requirements including Variable Rates, Starters and Leavers reports, Annual Return, Monthly returns and Monthly Data Collection as well as the requirements of auto-enrolment and other pension schemes.
  • Comprehensive checking functions highlighting employees approaching retirement including current variable age arrangements for women, those due for auto-enrolment, differences from previous month’s gross or net pay as well as simple reversals of errors.
  • User choices, including descriptions of all pay items, format of payslips and delivery of payslips by email or printed.

Main Features:

  • All statutory requirements including RTI and statutory reports
  • Weekly and monthly payrolls may be run side by side
  • Employees may be paid for the week, month, hour,  lesson, session or any other period
  • Any number of additions and deductions, which may be taxable, NIable and pensionable, with descriptions of your choice
  • Facility to import additions or deductions such as overtime, expenses, lunches
  • Comprehensive checking of data prior to running payroll, highlighting those approaching 21, 22, state retirement age and re-enrollment
  • Multiple pensions including variable rate Teachers Pensions – automatically calculated
  • All requirements of Teachers Pensions dealt with, including part time calculations, Career Average overtime payments, Monthly Data Collection and MCR
  • Fulfills Auto Enrollment requirements – including assessments and exports of required data to pension companies
  • Payrolls may be run automatically or interactively allowing checking whilst processing
  • Comparison reports highlight unexpected differences in Gross or Net pay from prior months, preventing mistakes
  • Simple to correct any mistakes, including NI back-calculating
  • Multiple payment methods including BACS
  • User-definable payslips and cheques
  • Payslips and P60s may be emailed as PDF attachments under password protection
  • Full SSP/SMP/SAP/SPP calculations and reporting including Shared Parental Leave
  • Full history of all payments and deductions for employees
  • Attachment of Earnings and Student Loan Repayments including 2 tier Student Loan repayments
  • Easy integration with the OASIS Nominal Ledger module ensuring accounts are up to date
  • Teachers database, including TPS annual return details
  • Pay scale structures
  • Automatic import of of tax code notifications
  • Fully integrated HR module which includes all the checks for School Inspections
  • Inbuilt calendar for reminders
  • ODBC facilities allowing access of any data directly in Excel, Access or other Microsoft modules
  • Synch-Pay to automatically synchronise the Payroll with any existing Access HR databases you may be using
  • Full password control on all programs and password protection of emailed payslips and P60s
  • Payrolling of Benefits in Kind
  • Incorporates Employer Allowance
  • Simple Year End procedures including archiving of previous years making requests for historic information simple to achieve
  • Updated rates and bands for Tax, NI, Statutory payments, Auto enrollment and Teachers Pensions provided by OASIS each year