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Parent pay portal

The Parent pay portal allows parents to pay for various activities for their children on-line.  Details of children and parent details can be uploaded, along with the various activities the parent can pay for. The parent, on logging in, can pay for any of the children the parent is responsible for. The school can set criteria on each of the activities, so that an activity will be displayed to the parent only if it is relevant for the child. The activities may be ‘regular’ activities – e.g. lunch money top ups, or may be for single activities such as trips. For any trip, there can be a number of related payments – for example, initial deposit, interim payment and final payment. Expiry dates can be set on the activities.

The system is directly linked to the OASIS Fees and Nominal Ledgers, and details of payments made will automatically update the associated nominal ledger accounts and bank.

It can also be integrated with the ‘Live Register’ or ‘Bio-Store’ cashless catering systems, so the parents can top up cards being used by the children.