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Nominal Ledger

What is it?

Oasis Nominal Ledger is based on a conventional Nominal ledger but with a completely flexible accounts structure, very powerful reporting tools and comprehensive export functions geared to the needs of schools.

Why it works well

Development over thirty years alongside our enthusiastic users means that Oasis Nominal Ledger provides the variety of reports regularly needed by schools of all sizes including exports for SORP and GAGS.

Key Benefits

  • User choices of account structure, report formats, exports to pre-existing spreadsheets, budget levels and reports, alongside numerous inbuilt reports and exports.
  • Full Integration, taking information from all OASIS modules – including Payroll – and other external sources and automatically updating spreadsheets and web based budget reporting for Heads of Department including unapproved invoices and committed items.
  • Ease of use with simple bank reconciliation, allowing imports of bank statements and straightforward reporting and import procedures for journals.
  • Facility for Budget Holders to see details of their budgets and spending – from anywhere and at any time via the web.See how ->.

Main Features

  • Flexible Account structure
  • Any number of configurable bank accounts, with bank reconciliation available on all of them and simple inter-account transfers
  • Accruals,pre-payments and self-reversing journals
  • Batch templates for similar batches that are repeated from time to time
  • Very powerful and flexible reporting including user-defined Management Reports and charts
  • Comprehensive buget setting and reporting
  • Automatic emailing of web pages showing spending and budget details, to all budget holders
  • Imports from other systems
  • Imports of bank statements allowing ease of bank reconciliation
  • Full batch control for all transactions entering the system
  • Full audit trails that can be re-printed at any time
  • Cheque printing using user-definable formats
  • Multiple cheque books
  • BACS payments
  • MTD VAT reporting and submission – including bridging option
  • Simple Year End procedures, including an automatic archive facility
  • Straightforward access to prior year data
  • Project codes allowing projects spanning multiple cost centres to be simply reported on
  • Sort codes allowing groupings of disparate accounts
  • Facility to save user selections allowing reports with multiple selections to be easily repeated
  • Powerful search facilities allowing for the extracting of useful information in a variety of formats