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Account software integration

OASIS contains the full accounting functions needed by any school – Fees Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Purchase Ordering, Asset Register, School Shop, Sales Ledger and Payroll/HR.

All modules are integrated with the OASIS Nominal Ledger, but schools need only purchase the modules they intend to use. You can use the Fees Ledger or Nominal Ledger in isolation, or you can use the Fees Ledger integrated with the Nominal Ledger. You can use the Purchase Ledger integrated with the Nominal Ledger. You can use Purchase Ordering integrated with the Purchase Ledger and Nominal Ledger. You can start off using just one or two modules and add others later. You can use the School Shop system integrated with the OASIS Fees ledger database, or integrated with some other pupil database.

If you are using some other external Pupil/Parent database, OASIS Synch will automatically extract and integrate the data you need into your OASIS Fees Ledger. Hence you can have a single integrated system using the administration system your teachers prefer, alongside the definitive accounting system for schools – OASIS.  Names/Addresses/Telephone numbers entered just once in your admin system – automatically moved into OASIS.