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Working for your school

OASIS has had over 30 years experience of dealing with schools and providing what they need from their accounting system. From sophisticated registration deposit tracking to dealing with Agent invoices, we have probably experienced most of the problems that schools may have and it’s very likely we will have a solution to your problems.

Complicated split billing requirements – separated parents – one paying by Direct Debit in instalments and the other paying by cheque, with automatic copies of invoices going to grandma – no problem! The same scenario but with siblings being treated differently by Mum and Dad – again no problem. Deposits are refunded automatically when pupils leave and your deposit tracking system easily identifies how many deposits you are still holding – for whom, and when are they due to be re-paid. Parents can pay for a variety of items on-line with the payments integrating with the OASIS Nominal Ledger

Ultimately the details of all your accounts end up in the Nominal Ledger. The reporting facilities are extensive and allow you to design your own balance sheet and P& L reports – linked to the spread-sheet you are already using and familiar to your governors. Drill down facilities are extensive allowing you to see the origin of all your transactions. Budget Holders can always see the state of their accounts on line or can have their budget details automatically emailed to them.

Purchase orders can be raised and integrate with the Purchase Ledger and Nominal Ledger. Commitments are included in the Budget Holders on-line view.

‘No school works in exactly the same way’ is a quote we often hear, but we feel that our experience will allow you to use OASIS in a way that will allow you to continue working in a way familiar to you, but aided considerably by OASIS.

Schools large and small are using OASIS. Give us a call to see how we can make life simpler for your school.